Below are the first 15 stories which will be added to every two weeks with regular updates within that period.
Wendy Jayne's Cancan Bra
(49 pages)
Wendy Jayne was relaxing down on the farm when Freddie arrived. She announced she was wearing her Cancan bra. Intrigued? So was Freddie. to join click here
Rachel's Country Lane Caper
(58 pages)
Rachel had been invited to Sunday Lunch at The Fox & Goose Inn. It was a lovely crisp winters day and she decided it would be nice to walk it. It was only a couple of miles after all. She soon realised she was not dressed for walking and looked for a short cut. That's when she began to experience a few difficulties. Fortunately an old friend, Roland Butterworth was out bird watching and came to the rescue. But what did he want in return?
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Makenzie's Multi Colour
Panty Parade (93 pages)
Mike Faulkner was the chairman of the local residents association and Makenzie, as she had not long moved to the area had been invited to sit on the committee. They needed to raise some cash to carry out maintenece of the common area and Mike, who was a local business man and not short of money, had hatched an idea. He had some very rich business associates who were used to a bit of entertainment when away on business but didn't get much during normal times. He thought that if he could come up with a suggestion they might just be persuaded to part with some of their fortune for a little bit of local naughtiness. So what happened? to join click here
Abi - What The Gardener Saw
(47 pages)
Abi had a new car - a gleaming silver BMW that her dad had bought her for her birthday. She was preparing to go out for a spin and wanted it to look in tip top condition to show it off to her friends. She had just gave it a quick wipe over but there was a rattle coming from under the sill and she needed to fix it before she took it out. West country lad Keith was the local gardener and was on duty that day. He just came out of the shed when he caught site of Abi laying by the side of the car with her head underneath it. Bet you'd like to see what he saw. Yes? to join click here
Stephanie - Snooker Room Nuisance
(56 pages)
Stephanie likes a game of snooker, and she's not bad at it either. The landlord at the local pub had bought one for the locals to have a game and put it up in the storeroom upstairs. It had proved immensely popular with all the locals, especially when Stephanie was playing, as she nearly always wore short skirts. One of the local lads, Jimmy Perkins was there on this particular day and had had a few drinks too many. He started to become a nuisance and Stephanie had to put him in his place as he was doing things with the cue that he shouldn't. Wanna know more? to join click here
Natasha and the Electrician's Apprentice
(52 pages)
Sexy Natasha had some catching up to do on the computer. The office was undergoing refurbishment and the electrician Bert Briggs and his apprentice were laying some cables. Adrian, the young apprentice had to crawl under Natasha's desk and noticed she was wearing stockings. One of the first times he'd actually seen a pair on a girl in the flesh.Well that was just the start of join click here
Valerie - Maid For The Job
(68 pages)
Valerie needed some extra work to fund her summer holiday. She was to have an interview with a Mr.Peregrine Berkeley-Smythe for a 3 month contract as a "French Maid". Sounded like easy work but it was not quite what she was expecting. In fact it turned out to be a bit of a surprise but good fun nonetheless. Wanna know how she got on? join click here
Anna's Moulin Rouge Night
(77 pages)
Anna's friend Bob had invited her to a Moulin Rouge theme night and she was busy preparing for her big night. Big night? Yes, she was really attracted to Bob who she hoped felt the same, and she was determined to give him a good night. So determined trhat she had made sure she was dressed to thrill. right down to the last little piece of lace. Sounds like this might be right up our street. .To join click here
Claire and the Plumber
(57 pages)
Claire had problems with her taps in the kitchen. It was Friday afternoon and she was ready to go out and couldn't fix it herself. She remembered a bloke she had met the week before who said he was a plumber. Luckily she had his number. Now Claire likes the bloke for sure so who knows what might happen? To join click here
Becky's Stocking Model Assignment (79 pages)
Becky had accepted a modelling assignment to model stockings. She loves wearing stockings so she was looking forward to the job. When she arrived, she thought the photographer looked a little young, not at all as she had pictured him on the phone and she was a little intrigued when he asked her to model other items of clothing as well. No problem but funny he never mentioned it on the phone. Wanna see more of Becky? To join click here
Diana's Dance Audition
(66 pages)
Singer/dancer Diana was on an audition for a position as principal dancer on a cruise ship. She desperately wanted the job and had dressed accordingly. The choreographer holding the audition was a red blooded male, Andre, and was delighted to see Diana had already got into the spirit of things. See what lengths she goes to to secure the job. To join click here
Charlie's Kitchen Mishaps
(99 pages)
Stunningly gorgeous Charlie was up early one day and ready for a day out with her man friend. She loves wearing feminine clothes, especially stockings and suspenders, so she was looking forward to this 50's /60's themed party. But she is a very house proud girl and was determined to do all her chores before the day out, so she could lay in the next morning. Unfortunately she had one of those mornings where she had mishap after mishap, resulting in those stockings and er....underwear being inadvertantly displayed a little more than usual. It's a good job Lucky, our new photographer was on hand to record the proceedings. To join click here
Sarah Louise's Poolside Shoot
(52 pages)
Lovely Sarah Louise had arrived at a local millionaire's house in preparation for a promotional photographic shoot modelling swimwear. Arthur Sidebottom, the ageing photographer who had been engaged for the job, but the swimwear was late arriving. Sarah Lou decided to ask Arthur if he would like to do a few glamour shots to fill in the time. She thought it would be fun to tease him a little as he seemed like the straightlaced sort. To join click here
Rachel - The Boozy Bridesmaid
(65 pages)
Rachel's friend Caroline, was getting married for the second time and asked her to be bridesmaid. It was a fairly low key affair in the local register office but she wanted to look the part and had asked Millie for a loan of one of her famous dresses. Rachel was a bit nervous. She had had quite a few stiff vodka martinis by the time they all got back to Millie's and was getting more reckless by the minute. When some of the boys started to arrive they realised they might be in for a bit of a treat. Read on......................