Story Title
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Fran's Panty Slave
(90 pages)
Fran had been having trouble with her car for quite some time and it had finally given up on her. After taking it to the garage the owner had given her the bad news......it was going to cost more than it was worth to repair it and she was going to have to scrap it. She immediately set off to see her bank manager Simon Blenkinsop about a loan. Fran had no chance. She had no property to use as equity and frankly was a bad credit risk. But Simon had an idea. If she would 'do a little something' for him he could pull a few strings and get her what she wanted.
Natalie's Library Clean Up
(105 pages)
Wealthy local businessman Anthony Gervais had applied to a local agency for them to provide a new au pair for his large house in the village of Tudworth Harcourt. On the day she was due to arrive the agency had received news that the Swedish girl, who had ben engaged, had changed her mind and wasn't coming to England after all. Natalie was on the agency staff and the boss, Sue, had asked her to deputise for the au pair until a replacement could be found. "Do a good job and you never know what opportunities might be forthcoming" said Sue. "Well it should make a nice change" thought Natalie and she readily accepted. Mr.Gervais greeted Natalie and after she had explained she was a temporary replacement he had expressed a little disappointment. "Maybe we could make it a little more long term if you do a good job" he suggested. Natalie was very impressed with the lovely house but was no house cleaner. She was in fact a little accident prone as you will see. Click here to see what ensued..............
Charlie - The Hitchiker
(105 pages)
Charlie? Hitchiking in a business suit? Unlikely I think you'll agree. But that's not quite what the title means. What actually happened was, Charlie broke down in her car. She had only been across to see her folks before setting off for work and had left her mobile at home. She was on her way back when "PHUT - SPLUTTER" the old smoker gave up on her. Only one thing for it - she had to hitch it. Hitch what? Well hitch hike. Hike what? .......Precisely . Now Charlie is a bit of girl and when she finally got a lift, her skirt managed to get one too. Hence the title. She ends up hitching up her skirt, and hiking it too with all the expected super pics to record the whole affair.
Kate - Show Off
(80 pages)
Kate was off out for the night and Mum and Dad were away for the weekend. Time for a bit of fun without the constraints of allbeit well meaning parents. Just one person she wanted to join in the fun and he wasn't coming........or was he?
Susanna - Nursey Nursey
(130 pages)
Fun loving Susanna, among other things, is a fully qualified nurse. Her family owned a beautiful country cottage in which she spent many happy days when she had time. At present it was being used by her dad's friend, Alfie Bishop. He had been in a terrible car accident and her dad had offered Alfie use of the cottage to convalesce. Susanna was currently standing in for the district nurse and dad had told Susanna to make sure Alfie had "special treatment". He had been very down in the last couple of weeks after the accident and needed "perking up". How did she do it?
Becky Gets The Cane
(132 pages)
A few years ago Becky was staying with her Auntie for the summer. She ran a photographic studio where Becky got to meet all sorts of people including some dishy photographers and some glamourous models. She had been asked to look after the studio for a few hours and went poking around the wardrobe trying on costumes etc. But the day was not to go as expected and after a photographer unexpectedly turned up events took a turn. For the better? Or the worse?
Melissa - Just Like Alice
(123 pages)
Melissa used to belong to an amateur dramatics society. They were planning a new show loosely based on Alice In Wonderland and Melissa was to play the lead role. Luke, the show's director had come round to discuss costumes with Melissa and she being the little devil she was, decided to tease him. It all made for an interesting, if somewhat confusing evening for Luke.
Sarah Louise - Keep Fit Girl
(81 pages)
Sarah Louise has done quite a few different jobs in her young life and one of them was as a sales lady for keep fit equipment. She had arrived at a house to tie up a deal with the owner of a gym who had taken a few pieces of equipment on approval, only to find that Jane, the gym owner, was not at home. Husband Ben invited her to wait and was rewarded by some very nice inadvertant underwear shows by Sarah.
Alexandra - Taught A Lesson
(90 pages)
Alexandra has always been a bit of a teaser. Normally it's just a bit of harmless fun but when she worked for this particular company she had pushed some of the young executives a little too far and they, with their bosses' permission, had plotted a little revenge. This tale has a very unusual conclusion which will delight the skirts up fan.
Zoe & The Maintenance Man
(99 pages)
Sweet young Zoe is a lovely girl and perfect as a receptionist/secretary. What better than her lovely smiling face to greet your customers or prospective employees when they visit your business. She was on this day going about her everyday business when the maintenance man arrived to do some checks on essential utilities. This involved some work underneath her desk, with the obvious result. Wanna see more?
Jennifer - The Landlord's Visit
(104 pages)
Jennifer lived in a lovely flat but had struggled recently to meet her rent demands on time. Her landlord was becoming impatient and had telephoned her to discuss the matter. In the meantime she had asked her boss for a rise and he had agreed. She contacted her landlord, David Fillery, who she had never met, and he agreed to forestall her eviction, suggesting she might be a little grateful and 'do something special to for him' as a thankyou. She asked what he liked and he expressed an interest in stocking and suspenders, and of course cancan girls. They arranged a meeting at the flat and he sent a bottle of Champagne for her to chill for the evening. But things didn't quite work out as they should.
Jasmine - The Inventory
(92 pages)
Jasmine had been roped in to help out with an inventory for a bloke she met at a local pub. The money was good so she readily agreed to help out but the place was in such a mess - no wonder they had gone bankrupt she thought - she was beginning to wish she had worn overalls. But Malcolm, the fellow who had recruited her, had insisted she wore a skirt so that she at least looked the part. Well all sorts of mishaps were about to happen to the skirt.
Natasha Gets The Job
(95 pages)
One sunny morning, Natasha had woken up, knowing she was soon to find out if she had been selected for a job modelling old fashioned underwear, including suspenders, stockings and full knickers, which she just loved to wear. What she wasn't expecting was a knock on the door. The job turned out to be a little more exciting than she expected.
Frankie - Measuring Up
(95 pages)
Frankie had been given the contract to refurbish some offices with some display units and shelves of her own design. It was a hot day and she had some climbing to do so she decided to tuck her skirt out of the way, but making sure she could quickly re-adjust it should someone turn up unexpectedly. But some people are very stealthy, especially old Fred Larkins, the building caretaker. Now Fred was never one to miss out on an opportunity and today was no exception.
Sarah Lou - In The Hot Tub
(98 pages)
Sarah Louise had always wanted her very own hot tub. She had been frequenting a wine bar in town every night after work for some weeks and had got to know the very guy who sells them , right there in the centre of town. She got talking to him, Peter Strong, one night and mentioned she might be interested.Peter invited her to come to the showroom one evening after hours and take a look, have a glass of wine and "maybe they could do a deal". She readily accepted but I don't think Peter was quite expecting what was to happen.
Wendy Jayne - School Disco Date
Current Tale - 97 pages
Wendy Jayne had been invited by a good friend to one of these school disco nights. True to her instincts she had decided she was going to be the "Belle Of The Ball" and completely knoock 'em all sideways with her costume. She wore authentic fully fashioned stockinsa, a pleated skirt and a very special pair of pretty flowered knickers for the occasion. While she waited for her lift, she was dreaming of her schooldays and started to admire herself in the mirror. Marvellous. Wanna see?